We can be the last line between someone’s life and death.

"I am really glad that we now have a much more open discussion about how we deal with suicide in our work."

You never forget the suicides you have attended.

"Nobody really prepares you for having to deal with a family that is utterly devastated."

We were almost downplaying things.

"I felt in those early weeks and months that I would never be able to move on, that it would always dominate my thoughts."

It’s quite difficult to ask for help...

"It has been about six or seven years since all of this, but I can still feel emotional about it.”

‘You know you’re in shock, don’t you?’

"It can be quite a scary thing to go through and the more support you can get, the safer you're going to be"

I see how these incidents affect police officers.

"We work with the police... Most of my time is spent out on patrol with the officers, no two shifts are ever the same."

I’ve been working in the railway industry for 15 years.

"When I returned to my duties, I knew I wasn't quite the same person that I’d been before. I was more irritable, less patient. "